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Treating Pain & Changing Lives

Nobody wants to live in pain. The patients featured in these stories suffered real pain and wanted their lives back — so they took action. And so can you. Success Stories

Tonya Carter

“When you’re in pain, you don’t get to pick and choose what activities you’ll forego,” said former US Army military engineer, Tonya Carter. “You lose it all. And despite my attempts, I just couldn’t do it anymore…. My body was ruined. As a result, so was my career in the military.”

A graduate of United States Military Academy in West Point, NY, Tonya always made it a point to be fit. She pushed herself mentally and physically to be the best that she could be, involving herself in outdoor activities and her passion – track and field.

Unable to ignore the pain, Tonya sought medical attention. She learned she had two bulging discs in her back, which ultimately became full-blown herniations. The stressed ligaments created an excruciating pain that radiated throughout her body.

In a last attempt to salvage her back, she was encouraged to go to National Spine & Pain Centers. “I met with Dr. Assaf Gordon. He was the first to be optimistic about my situation, and felt that he could help me with epidural injections.”

“IT WORKED! The shot is a bit painful, but I’ve been going five months PAIN-FREE!”

Tonya is enjoying her pain-free life after her treatment at National Spine & Pain Centers. She now coaches several events for a local, high school track and field program. She enjoys quality time with her three children and has returned to a normal life. Soon, she plans to accompany her husband – who will bring his golf clubs – on a business trip.

“You can’t imagine how much joy it brings me to say that I will be bringing mine, too!”

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