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Patient Success: Feedback from Keith About His Road to Recovery from Severe Back Pain

Patient Success Stories and Feedback

In this brief story, Keith explains how Dr. Thomas helped him regain quality of life as he shares, “I went to National Spine and Pain Centers at National Harbor and met with Dr. Thomas. I have dealt with severe back pain over two decades. Some episodes were so bad that an ambulance would have to pick me up and take me to the ER to load me up with numerous drugs including morphine to stop the spasms. I have lumbar degenerative disc disease.

I have been dealing with my latest episode for 3 weeks and missed numerous days of work. I have been to two specialists and an ER to help solve the problem. I received minimal relief from higher dosages of pain medicine. Dr. Thomas took his time with me, diagnosed me, and provided me some epidural shots. The results have been amazing to say the least!

I know I still have a long recovery, but I also know I have a doctor that will be there for me with the expertise to guide me.

I usually never write up reviews, but for a doctor like Dr. Thomas, I will. If you’re dealing with back pain please visit him. I promise you will not be disappointed.”

Pain Management & How It Can Help You

Every treatment plan is different and Dr. Joshua Thomas worked with Keith to make sure that his pain was managed effectively and that he understood everything he was doing. To get started, click here to request your appointment to see one of our pain management experts!

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