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SI Joint Injections Relieve Helga’s Painful Joint Inflammation & She Continues Distance Running

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Suffering from serious neck and back injuries, there was a time when Helga Luest (pictured on the left in this photo) was living with so much physical pain she wondered if she would not have been better off dead.

So she sought out the help of pain management experts at National Spine & Pain Centers’ Rockville, MD office. Dr. Aneesh Singla ordered an MRI which revealed that Helga suffered from sacroiliitis, a painful inflammation of the joints which connect the pelvic bones to the spine. These small SI joints absorb all the forces of the upper body before balancing and transferring the weight to the hips and legs.

Guided by fluoroscopy (x-ray imaging), Dr. Singla injected a local anesthetic into the affected SI joint to confirm the diagnosis and then injected a long-acting corticosteroid medication to reduce the inflammation and provide pain relief that lasts for an extended period of time.

For Helga, the result has been nothing short of “miraculous.” For the first time in 20-plus years she has had periods of no pain! Just weeks after her treatment with Dr. Singla, the mother of twins completed the Marine Corps Marathon for the sixth time!!

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Every treatment plan is different and Dr. Singla worked with Helga to make sure that her pain was managed and that she understood everything he was doing. Click below to read Helga’s full story. If you’re interested in learning more about advanced treatments offered by our physicians, click here to request your appointment to see one of our pain management experts!

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