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Former Rockette Lenore Beetar Regains Quality of Life Through Kyphoplasty Treatment

former rockette success story

At 89 years old, Lenore Beetar wasn’t ready to slow down. The former Rockette high-kicked her way to an extremely active life raising her children, interacting with friends and rarely resting in the same place for very long. But in December 2014, a tumble down the stairs she describes as “a beautiful somersault” resulted in a fracture in Lenore’s neck.

The subsequent pain threatened the otherwise vibrant and vital woman’s mobility and independent lifestyle. A high threshold for pain, and the pride of not wanting others to worry about her, had Lenore trying to hide her discomfort. But her family members noticed a change in her activity levels and pressed her for information. When they learned of her accident, they took action, seeking medical attention from an orthopedic surgeon.

The recommended therapy was surgery; however, her age left Lenore unable to consider that to repair the fracture. But instead she opted for kyphoplasty, an innovative treatment that essentially “glued” her fractured spine back together.

Daniel Kendall, D.O., an interventional pain management expert at National Spine & Pain Centers in McLean, VA, made a small incision in Lenore’s back to realign her vertebrae and injected a medical-grade cement-like material that fuses the bones back together. Within 36 hours, Lenore resumed her normal hobbies and activities.

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Every treatment plan is different and Dr. Kendall worked with Lenore to make sure that her pain was managed effectively and that she understood everything he was doing. Click below to learn more about the pain management specialty and how our board-certified physicians can help. To get started, click here to request your appointment to see one of our pain management experts!

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