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Sharon Speaks of Higher Quality of Life and How Responsible Medication Management Helped

Sharon Triplett McBride, a patient of Dr. Michael Daly and Garrick Smith, FNP, shares her success story. She proceeds to explain her source of pain, “I have a spine injury that prevents complete quality of life, so I searched from doctor to doctor for help. I was put on some really bad medications by some of these other doctors and some even just turned a blind eye to my pain.”

Before seeing a pain management specialist at National Spine & Pain Centers, Sharon thought that surgery was the main option to resolve her pain as she expresses, “a botched surgery caused the same neck and facial pain radiating to my arms, hands, fingers, legs and feet, burning my toes.” But then, her next decision led to the outcome she was looking for all along, “National Spine & Pain Centers helped me, slowly with caution and through many procedures and made a promise that they would always be there,” Sharon says.

I trust them all and love them for taking care of me and treating me with kindness and medications that allow quality of life. Without these physicians I am nothing. Thank you all for taking care of me for nearly 15 years. I am indebted to you all!”

Pain Management & How It Can Help You

Every treatment plan is different and Dr. Daly worked with Sharon to make sure her pain was managed effectively and that she understood everything he was doing. Click below to learn more about the pain management specialty and how our board-certified physicians can help. To get started, click here to request your appointment to see one of our pain management experts!

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