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Facet Joint Injections & Epidural Nerve Blocks Relieve Father Simon Foster’s Back Pain

Father Simon Foster

Father Simon Foster is a man who loves life and his calling. He is, by his own admission, “a simple parish priest” who merely wants to tend to his flock. Imagine his heartbreak then when debilitating back pain made it nearly impossible for him to even raise the chalice while celebrating Mass.

The minor act of moving a coffee table triggered his acute pain. “I couldn’t walk properly for several days afterward,” he said. Although he was eventually able to get back on his feet, the pain never went away and he soon realized that he had significant back issues that had been latent until that time…

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Every treatment plan is different and Dr. DeGregoris worked with Father Si to make sure his pain was managed and that he understood everything he was doing. Click below to read Father Si’s full story. If you’re interested in learning more about facet nerve blocks or epidural steroid injections, click here to request your appointment to see one of our pain management experts!

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