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How Occipital Neuralgia Impaired this Mom’s Daily Routine

Jennifer Campanella never had serious pain issues in her life – that is until after the birth of her second child. She would experience stabbing and excruciating pain that originated on the right side of her neck and would spread to the top of her head. The pain began acute in nature (short term) and at times, she would be symptom-free for days … even weeks!

Unfortunately for Jennifer, the pain in her neck and head never fully subsided. The times when she was experiencing pain it would sideline her from doing any activities. She was forced to missed out on birthday parties and dinners with family and friends.

Jennifer decided to seek help. The help she thought she would get turned out to be more than a year’s worth of medical exams and prescribed medication. Nothing had worked to help resolve her pain.

That’s when she decided to take on her pain in a different way. A family member referred to Dr. Steve Aydin of Manhattan Spine & Pain Medicine (an affiliate of National Spine & Pain Centers).

Rather than look for a diagnosis and cure, I began to look for a way to manage the pain. – Jennifer Campanella

It didn’t take Dr. Aydin long to discover that Jennifer had been suffering from a pain condition called occipital neuralgia. This condition, though painful, can be treated using non-surgical techniques other than pain medication. Jennifer first received anti-inflammatory medicine in the area of the irritated nerve. Following her first procedure, Dr. Aydin also used the procedure radiofrequency neurotomy.

Today, Jennifer is back to enjoying an active lifestyle. To read her entire success story click below!

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