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Patient Success: Helping Hands Award – Arlington (Shirlington), Virginia

Pain Management Team in Bel Air, MD - NSPC Helping Hands

Our team recently received an amazing Helping Hands recognition award from Sherry L. Young for the entire Arlington (Shirlington), Virginia office. Sherry explains how Dr. Suneetha Budampati and her team provided compassionate, considerate and professional care.

“My experience with Dr. Budampati, Tiffany K. Dietz, PA-C, and the entire staff has been great. The treatment for my leg pain has been excellent. The pain has been eliminated entirely thanks to Dr. Budampati. I had a fall and damaged the nerve in my arm and the doctor has been treating that with great success. I travel from Fredericksburg, VA to be treated by Dr. Budampati and would recommend her and her staff.

Have you met a Helping Hand while at any of our locations? We have recently given our patients the opportunity to recognize NSPC employees for their outstanding service which exemplifies our Mission and Values.

NSPC’s Mission:

To end needless human pain & suffering through world-class care.

NSPC’s Values:

Patients: Every conversation starts with “what’s best for the patient”?

People: We go the extra mile in all internal & external relationships.

Self: We constantly strive to improve ourselves & strongly encourage others to do likewise.

If you want to nominate an NSPC employee, please fill out this quick online form for a Helping Hands Nomination!

Pain Management & How It Can Help You

Every treatment plan is different and Dr. Budampati and her team worked with Sherry to make sure that her pain was managed effectively and that she understood everything they were doing. To get started, click here to request your appointment to see one of our pain management experts!

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