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Patient Success: Helping Hands Award – Bel Air, Maryland

Pain Management Team in Bel Air, MD - NSPC Helping Hands

Our team recently received an amazing Helping Hands recognition award from Susan R. Millette for Brianna, Andrea, Laura, Candice, Angela and Courtney from our pain management clinic in Bel Air, Maryland. Susan explains how the team provided compassionate, considerate and professional care.

“My experience began with the front desk – Candice, Courtney and Angela are very sweet and professional. A good 1st impression sets the tone for the rest of the visit, which is comforting when you are having injections. Moving onto the prep station – to be greeted and treated by Brianna and Andrea was equally pleasant. They were just great staying with me, talking to me and constantly monitoring me. Both of the ladies were caring, kind, compassionate and professional. Brianna and Andrea knew I was apprehensive about trying to stand and walk. Both ladies stood at my side until I felt okay to stand on my own and walk. Last but not least is Laura, Dr. Schneider’s assistant. She is constantly with you and right there by your side, though she is more than that. Laura is confident in her duties and abilities, as well as comforting. Every time I come for injections it’s just really nice to know that Laura is going to be in with me for my procedure. Laura and Dr. Schneider seem to have a very good working rapport with each other too! I just feel that the ladies (and Dr. Schneider) are the best representation of the staff here at NSPC. In a nutshell, Brianna, Andrea, Laura, Candice, Angela and Courtney (in addition to Joel, Sally and Tanika) make up a very exceptional, competent, compassionate and professional team. All of them take their positions seriously and their interactions with all the patients is and has always been very caring and respectful. I have been a patient at this office since 2009, so I know which one’s are simply the best.

Have you met a Helping Hand while at any of our locations? We have recently given our patients the opportunity to recognize NSPC employees for their outstanding service which exemplifies our Mission and Values.

NSPC Mission: To relieve pain and improve quality of life through personalized accessible care.

NSPC Values: Compassion • Innovation • Quality • Expertise • Patient Centered

If you want to nominate an NSPC employee, please fill out this quick online form for a Helping Hands Nomination!

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Every treatment plan is different and Brianna, Andrea, Laura, Candice, Angela and Courtney worked with Susan to make sure that her pain was managed effectively and that she understood everything they were doing. To get started, click here to request your appointment to see one of our pain management experts!

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