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Patient Success: Kyphoplasty Helped Correct Virginia’s Spinal Compression Fracture

Patient Testimonial - Virginia Jenkins

Virginia Jenkins vividly recalls the searing pain a spinal compression fracture caused her mother. So when Virginia woke up one morning and screamed in pain as she tried to get out of bed, memories of her mother’s compression fracture came flooding back to her—and with good reason.

Virginia suffers from osteoporosis, just as her mother had. The brittle bones in her back are easily susceptible to fracture. But unlike other bones in the body, broken vertebrae in the back generally crumble rather than fracture in two.

Virginia believes her compression fracture was the result of sitting for more than eight straight hours on a trans-Atlantic flight. “I didn’t have any pain when I got off the plane, but the next day it was excruciating,” she recalled.

An MRI confirmed Virginia’s suspicions. Within days, she was in Dr. Daniel Kendall’s McLean, Virginia office. Dr. Kendall recommended kyphoplasty, a minimally invasive interventional procedure that would correct the spinal compression fracture and relieve her pain.

“It is not at all like it was when my mother had her fracture. I went home right after the procedure. I only wish my mother could have enjoyed the same relief.”

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Every patient is unique. Dr. Kendall worked with Virginia to understand the specifics of her pain so he could develop a treatment plan that reflected her needs and aspirations for overcoming her pain. Click below to read Virginia’s full story. If you’re interested in learning about advanced treatments offered by our physicians, click here to request your appointment to see one of our pain management experts!

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