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Patient Success: Helping Hands Award – Haymarket, Virginia

Pain Management Team in Bel Air, MD - NSPC Helping Hands

Our team recently received an amazing Helping Hands recognition award from Eileen Baker who is under the care of Dr. Ketan B. Patel for the Haymarket, VA team. Eileen explains how the Haymarket team provided compassionate, quality and patient centered care.

“I was bit late for my appointment because of traffic. They squeezed me back in. They are always quick and I don’t have to wait which I appreciate very much. They get you in and out efficiently and are very professional and pleasant.”

Have you met a Helping Hand while at any of our locations? We have recently given our patients the opportunity to recognize NSPC employees for their outstanding service which exemplifies our Mission and Values.

NSPC Mission: To relieve pain and improve quality of life through personalized accessible care.

NSPC Values: Compassion • Innovation • Quality • Expertise • Patient Centered

If you want to nominate an NSPC employee, please fill out this quick online form for a Helping Hands Nomination!

Pain Management & How It Can Help You

Every treatment plan is different and Dr. Patel and the Haymarket team worked with Eileen to make sure that her pain was managed effectively and that she understood everything they were doing. To get started, click here to request your appointment to see one of our pain management experts!

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