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Featured Doctor: Ben Newton, M.D. Opens in Chevy Chase Five Days a Week!

Dr. Benjamin Newtona board-Certified sports medicine physician, has extensive experience evaluating and treating orthopedic, sports injury, and musculoskeletal complaints of the spine and extremities. He holds training certificates in musculoskeletal ultrasound and fluoroscopy, which are vital to his work with StemCell ARTS. Dr. Newton has many years of experience treating sports-related injuries, working at various ski resorts, with the Cincinnati Reds, and working with professional and elite athletes during his time with Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine.

Dr. Newton participates in a number of volunteer opportunities both nationally and internationally. He has worked as a physician for numerous Ironman triathlons. In rural Mexico, Dr. Newton offered his time to treat patients with a wide variety of orthopedic complaints. Fluent in Spanish, he is looking forward to treating both English and Spanish speaking patients at the Chevy Chase, MD office and is currently accepting new patients.

An affiliate of National Spine & Pain Centers (NSPC), StemCell ARTS offers the most advanced technologies in biological sciences. StemCell ARTS provides non-surgical alternatives for treating sports injuries, spinal conditions, and degenerative conditions such as arthritis. The regenerative therapies can help patients avoid ACL and MCL surgeries, Rotator Cuff Tear surgeries, and total joint replacements, to name a few. The regenerative treatments offered at StemCell ARTS can help patients bypass the downtime and rehabilitation that is typically associated with invasive surgeries.

NOTE: In April 2017, Dr. Newton began seeing patients five days a week in the Chevy Chase, Maryland office five days a week. He joined Dr. Mayo Friedlis who sees patients in the Chevy Chase, MD office on Mondays and Wednesdays. Patients who previously saw Dr. Newton in the Tysons Corner, VA office are encouraged to continue their care with Dr. Newton in the Chevy Chase, MD office.

Dr. Benjamin Newton joined the other physicians of StemCell ARTS, Drs. Rodney Dade, Mayo Friedlis, and Robert Wagner who are highly esteemed clinicians in the Washington DC region, trained and licensed to perform the Regenexx Family of Stem Cell and Platelet Procedures. This team of physicians is widely regarded as preeminent leaders in the field due to their extensive history of success and leadership, as proven through research, publications, and accolades.

More About Dr. Ben Newton

If you, a family member or friend has symptoms of pain related to orthopedic, sport injury, and/or musculoskeletal issues of the spine and extremities, reach out to our team and request an appointment with Dr. Ben Newton. National Spine & Pain Centers has some of the nation’s leading board-certified pain management doctors who can create comprehensive, highly effective plans to resolve your pain. Learn more about Dr. Newton or get started now by requesting an appointment below and begin your journey to relief!

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