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Dr. Gerard DeGregoris Publishes Article in Practical Neurology on an Emerging Class of Potentially Safer Opioid Medications

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Manhattan Spine & Pain Medicine proudly announces that Dr. Gerard DeGregoris recently published an article in Practical Neurology which discusses the various ways by which opiates can be made to deter misuse and abuse.

This topic has been given significant media and political attention, especially in light of the passing of high profile public figures and rising rates of death from opioid overdose; as such, opioid misuse/abuse has led to referencing of an “opioid epidemic” across the media landscape.

Dr. Degregoris posits the following in his article, as he then goes on to provide insight on the biochemistry of opioids:

Opioid medications are widely (but not universally) believed to have an integral role in treating pain. Though controversial, there is considerable evidence to suggest the efficacy of opioids in pain management.” ~Dr. DeGregoris

It’s noteworthy to point out how this contribution ties in to the views shared by our physician team in the Responsible Use of Opioids in Managing Chronic Pain. We invite you to learn more and continue to educate yourself, friends and family, so that collectively we can shed light on this important topic and ultimately help restore quality of life for those suffering from various acute and/or chronic pain conditions.

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