About Travis Baird, MSN, AGNP-BC, CCRN

Travis Baird is a certified nurse practitioner in National Spine & Pain Center’s Glen Burnie, MD, office. He assists Drs. Michael J. Daly and Varada Nargund with patient assessment, procedure follow-up, patient education and medication management.

Baird’s journey toward a career in health care, and particularly pain management, has very personal roots. “My grandmother had congestive heart failure and spent a lot of time in the ICU, but her pain management was not adequate. She died in pain and that hit a nerve with me.”
During seven years as a combat medic and operating room specialist for the U.S. Army, Baird developed a new appreciation for pain—and courage—as he saw wounded veterans struggle with lost limbs and excruciating pain from their service-related injuries.

“There are so many aspects to pain and not all of them are physical,” he said. “Attitude, perception, economic and psycho-social factors can all impact how we deal with pain. That’s why we need to see pain management holistically, because understanding patients as a whole—including what is going on around them—is really essential to effective treatment.”

Baird is also committed to furthering a better understanding of pain in minority groups. As an African American and Latino, he is particularly concerned about overcoming language and cultural barriers that can impact patients’ understanding of their pain and the treatment plans that are developed for them.

In his free time, Baird spends his time running after his three children. An admitted “foodie,” he also likes to visit new restaurants and try different cuisines. He is fluent in Spanish.


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