About Rae J. Davis, M.D.

Dr. Davis joined National Spine and Pain Centers in 2010. He arrived with a wealth of knowledge after practicing for several years in Western Massachusetts. He comes from a successful spine and sports practice where he provided non-surgical interventional spine care.

He has successfully treated a wide variety of pain syndromes and sports injuries. Dr. Davis has provided medical sports coverage for College NCAA sports teams and semi-professional sports teams. He has also served as the Medical Director of a 15 bed acute inpatient rehabilitation hospital unit.

As a medical practitioner, he uses a multifaceted approach to treating injuries which includes therapeutic exercise, nutrition, medications and interventional procedures. His array of skills includes fluoroscopic-guided interventional procedures, joint injections and electrodiagnostic medicine among others.

Dr. Davis has lectured on the evaluation of back pain. He maintains active memberships of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, International Spine Interventional Society and the North American Spine Society.

In his free time, Dr. Davis exercises and participates in various sports. He also enjoys traveling with his wife and kids.


  • Lansdowne VA Pain Management Clinic

    Lansdowne, VA Office

    19500 Sandridge Way, Suite 100 Lansdowne, VA 20176

    Phone: 571.707.3535

“Dr. Rae Davis is a wonderful doctor. He is one of the rare ones who really listens to what you are saying and then decides what options to offer rather than having already decided what should be done. I have had degenerated discs in my back for several years with arthritis and have been using NS&P to avoid surgery; Dr. Davis has come up with solutions each time some area of pain crops up – from medication to spinal injections to physical therapy to joint injections. They have all kept me from the surgeon and I am grateful.” – Jean

“Dr. Davis has provided great care and wonderful guidance for me with a caring manner and willingness to think out loud about my situation. I highly recommend him to friends and colleagues.” – Judi

“Dr. Davis has given me the ultimate treatment and determination relative to my condition. He represents the consummate physician who is keenly concerned about his patients and is willing to go the extra mile in determining their wellness/treatments. Relative to his medical practice and the work he is doing to help folks in my condition, it is my opinion that as a physician in his line of work, his practice, his genuine concern and respect as well as his commitment to his patients, ‘his professionalism is second to none’.” – Gloria