About Kunal Sood, M.D.

Kunal Sood, M.D. joined National Pain & Spine Centers after completing his interventional pain medicine fellowship and anesthesiology residency at Wayne State University’s Detroit Medical Center.  Dr. Sood is double Board Certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine.

Dr. Sood was drawn to anesthesiology because of the diverse cases, procedure variety and helping patients navigate a stressful time in their lives. While practicing anesthesiology, he was attracted by the pain management aspect of the specialty.

“I love the instant gratification of relieving my patient’s pain,” he said. “Chronic pain is much more difficult to treat; that challenge is what draws me to the field. It is satisfying when my patients are able to improve their quality of life by following a multimodal treatment plan. I want to help them by using the most current and effective therapies to live pain-free.”

Dr. Sood’s goal is to quickly diagnose the source of pain, discuss the most effective evidence-based medicine, diet and lifestyle modifications and create a personalized thorough treatment plan for each patient making modifications as needed. “Living with chronic pain is debilitating,” he said. “By diagnosing and treating the cause of my patient’s pain, I hope to immediately bring back their quality of life.”

One treatment that Dr. Sood is excited about is the future of spinal cord stimulation noting it has been effective for patients that want to avoid more invasive surgery. “The technology has advanced in the past few years,” he said. “I am hopeful it will help even more patients.”

Passionate about health and fitness, Dr. Sood spends his downtime away from the practice playing basketball and tennis. He also loves to stay active by traveling, trying new restaurants and visiting with family and friends.


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  • Mount Vernon VA Pain Management Clinic

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My son sustained a significant shoulder injury during a high school wrestling match. Despite all the interventions we were trying (chiropractic, heat therapy, electrical nerve stimulation, physical therapy, medications, etc.), he was continuing to lose mobility in that shoulder until his shoulder was almost frozen. Someone suggested we go see Dr. Sood. My son received immediate relief from the nerve block and was able to move his shoulder in all directions. After the steroids started working (2 days), he was able to really begin effective physical therapy. He was completely better within 2 weeks and able to competitively wrestle at the end of the season for Districts and Regionals.
– DB


I was a bit hesitant to get an epidural steroid injection for neck pain, but I decided to give it a go. I had immediate pain relief (neck, shoulder, and arm pain) and I am still pain free two weeks later.  Thanks Dr. Sood! 
– Scott