About Kim Hoang, M.D.

Kim Hoang, M.D. values the patient relationships that occur in the field of pain management. “I am motivated by the ability to help people who have been suffering for many years regain function and improve their quality of life,” she said. “…Patient interaction is at the core of medicine, and especially pain medicine. Patient-centered care is absolutely essential in providing effective management, as patients must be fully engaged and involved in their treatment program.”

Dr. Hoang earned a Bachelor of Arts in neuroscience from the University of California. Upon receiving her Doctor of Medicine from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, she stayed at the higher education facility for four years as part of her anesthesiology residency at Strong Memorial Hospital.

After a yearlong pain management fellowship at Harvard Medical School’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Dr. Hoang worked in the Washington, D.C. region as an interventional pain physician.

Dr. Hoang performs spinal cord stimulation (SCS) trials and has been encouraged by the large and continued gains of the procedure over the past few years. SCS provides “patients more options for pain control when other modalities have failed to provide adequate relief,” she said. “It has enabled patients to increase their functionality in large, meaningful ways along with decreasing and even stopping need for opioid medications.”

She has expertise in treating pelvic pain with specific nerve blocks such as superior hypogastric, pudendals, and impar ganglion injections. She also cares for headaches with botox and pericranial nerve blocks. “I believe in multi-modal therapy with judicious use of medications as part of a comprehensive program including physical therapy and injection therapy.”

While meeting with patients, she enjoys the ability to help them regain function and hope to live a fulfilling life, not controlled by pain.


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