About Joel Manuel, PA-C, BSN

Joel Manuel is a certified physician assistant in National Spine & Pain Centers’ Bel Air, MD office, where he assists Jeffrey Schneider, M.D., and Michael Wong, M.D., with patient follow-ups and re-assessments. He also develops pain management plans and educates patients on ways they can further their healing and recovery.

Manuel began his career as a registered nurse and spent six years in the operating rooms at Kernan Hospital in Baltimore, MD. Working in the OR taught Manuel the importance of a team approach to health care. “As an operating room nurse, I realized how critical it was to have the surgeon, anesthesiologist and nurses working together,” he said.

Manuel takes the same approach at National Spine & Pain Centers, where he collaborates with the physicians, nurse practitioners and support staff to improve the quality of their patients’ day-to-day lives. “I consider myself a patient advocate so I am especially committed to educating them—and their families—about why we are treating their condition the way we are,” he said.

In doing so, Manuel strives to explain to his patients that the best results are often derived from a combination of treatments. “I believe that medication management is just part of the equation,” he said. “Our job is to consider all options available to us, including interventional treatments and alternative therapies that can bring the patient relief.”

In his free time, Manuel indulges his passion for automobiles by attending car shows, especially those that are held near warm, sandy beaches.


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