About Faviola Suarez, PA-C

As a new physician assistant graduate in 2013, Faviola Suarez chose the field of pain management and, in particular, National Spine and Pain Centers because of the chance to incorporate her undergraduate field of biomedical engineering into her new career.

Biomedical engineering is a relatively new area of study that uses engineering principles to analyze and solve problems in medicine. Practitioners often develop new instruments or new procedures to solve medical problems.

“NSPC is at the forefront of medical innovations,” said Suarez. “I am especially excited about advanced technology that promotes the regrowth of body tissue–treatments such as stem cell therapy, prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma.”

Suarez is also enthused about progress in more traditional areas of pain management such as pharmacological treatment (medications). “Today’s medications, properly managed, can be a key component in a treatment plan,” said Suarez.

Suarez was inspired to work in medicine while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in a health clinic in Guatemala. “I did everything there: performed exams, assisted in labor and delivery, and lectured to patients and the community about health issues,” said Suarez. “But I knew I could do so much more for people if I had a medical degree.”

After serving in the Peace Corps and while waiting to be accepted to a physician assistant program, Suarez spent almost a year as a scheduling assistant for Washington, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty.

Suarez, who was born in Bolivia and arrived in the United States at age five, is fluent in Spanish.


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