About Erik A. Davis, M.D.

Dr. Davis joined the National Spine & Pain Centers’ Midlothian office in January 2018 after completing an interventional spine and sports medicine fellowship at Alabama Orthopedic Spine and Sports Medicine Associates in Birmingham, Alabama.

Growing up in the New Orleans area, Dr. Davis was initially drawn to the medical profession as an athlete playing football and wrestling up until he graduated high school. Injuries caused him to have four knee surgeries and two pins placed in his ankle. “I really appreciated the doctor that was able to get me back to — at the time — what was most important to me: playing sports,” he said.

Dr. Davis is fascinated by the challenge of medicine, the complexity of the human body, being able to work with his hands through procedures and the ability to be a lifelong learner in the field.

His work at NPSC is dedicated to helping patients get back their functions. There is “the immediate gratification of having a pateint come in with limited function, increased pain, poor quality of life and to pretty quickly be able to address that,” he said. “Discover what is wrong with them and immediately treat (the issue) in the least invasive ways possible.”

Dr. Davis has mastered a number of procedures including cervical, thoracic and lumbar epidurals, facet joint injections, intradiscal injections, sympathetic blocks and ultrasound guided joint injections just to name a few.

Like the doctor who helped him in his youth, Dr. Davis aims to be the person that can restore function to patients. “It makes a world of difference,” he said.

During his leisure time, Dr. Davis stays active by exploring the area including mountain biking and venturing outdoors. He also enjoys trying new restaurants and cuisines along with cooking at home. Creole is one of his favorite cuisines to cook.


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