About Diana C. Lam, MS, PA-C

As a physician assistant, Diana Lam is able to satisfy her deep interest in medicine but is also able to meet people from all walks of life. “Being able to listen to my patients’ concerns and making sure they’re heard is my main goal aside from addressing the diagnosis at hand,” she said. “Knowing that I am making a difference in my patients’ lives drives me to do my job.” 

Diana joined the National Spine and Pain Centers Alexandria office in August 2018 after completing her master’s degree in physician assistant studies at Albany Medical College in New York. She has previously worked as an enhanced certified nursing assistant at The Cottages at Garden Grove in Cicero, NY and a physical therapy aide at the Long Island State Veterans Home.

Before her master’s studies, Diana shadowed in a pain management clinic which drew her interest to the field. “I loved that the providers in this speciality have the ability to build rapport and relationships with patients in addition to providing quality care. Pain complaints were a common reoccurrence in all of my rotations in PA school. This is what ultimately made me want to further my knowledge and learn how to appropriately diagnose and treat patients with chronic pain.”  

She wants to make sure her patients are aware of all of their options for treatment in terms of physical therapy, procedures and pharmacotherapy in order to best manage their pain. “Every patient is different in terms of what they have tried in the past and my job is to take all of that into account and make adjustments accordingly. My goal is to achieve the best possible outcome so my patients can continue living quality lives,” she said.

Forming relationships, establishing a connection and learning about concerns is a critical part of providing quality patient-centered care for Diana. “At the end of the day, I am treating a human being — not a diagnosis on a chart,” she said. “I want to make sure that my patients are well informed and involved in the decision-making process of their own health.”

In her downtime, Diana often expresses her creative side through drawing, painting and photography. Additionally, she likes traveling, reading, hiking and spending time with family and friends.


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