About Bruce A. Ward, PA

Bruce A. Ward, PA brings more than three decades of medical experience accrued during his service in the United States Army and as a civilian contractor to the National Spine and Pain Centers Fayetteville office since joining in March 2019.

Bruce spent 20 years providing primary care for sick and injured soldiers, dependents and host nation personnel while on active duty. As a civilian, he was contracted by the State Department to man a standalone clinic in Eastern Europe and Iraq for seven years providing emergency and sick call services to Americans and host nation personnel assigned to the area.

He holds a master’s degree in physician assistant studies from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and a bachelor’s degree in health science from Methodist University. He has also previously worked as a clinical medicine instructor at Fort Bragg.

Bruce was drawn to the pain management field because people had been asking him questions quite often about chronic pain management.

When coming up with a treatment plan, Bruce prefers patients try physical therapy, yoga, chiropractic sessions, injections and other medical treatments before writing a prescription for opioids. “(The drugs) don’t work forever and eventually they will have to come off,” he said.

Bruce believes in offering advice to patients but in the end — they must decide what is best for them through an informed decision. “They are the reason I have a job and my job is to help them,” he said. “That is the bottom line. I will do every thing I can for them. …It is an honor to be able to do what we do. People sometimes thank me for my service in the military. If you work in pain management, all I can say is thank you for your service.”


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