About Amanda-Gay A. Edwards, PA

When speaking with patients, Physician’s Assistant Amanda-Gay A. Edwards knows it is important to have an open dialogue and develop trust when treating pain. “There needs to be an approach of empathy to allow the patients to feel comfortable in giving all necessary details about their chronic pain,” she said. “This enables both practitioner and patient to be able to work together to find the right regime of treatment that is the most effective in managing the patient’s pain.” 

Amanda-Gay joined the National Spine and Pain Centers in summer 2018 after completing her master’s in the physician assistant program at Howard University. The Washington, D.C.-based higher education facility was also where she earned bachelor’s degrees in biology and health science. In between her bachelor’s degrees, Amanda-Gay worked for three years as a lab technician/ research assistant at Georgetown University Medical Center.   

“Chronic pain can have a lasting physiologic and emotional effect on patients making it extremely important to adequately manage patient pain,” she said. “I, myself, have suffered from chronic pain in the past. Therefore, being able to now help patients suffering from chronic pain is extremely rewarding. …I enjoy the continuity of care that allows for the ability to develop professional and trusting relationships with patients.”

Spinal cord stimulation has proven to be effective in pain management and Amanda-Gay is excited to see there are newer designs that are smaller and more comfortable for patients. She is also happy to see more accessible and commercial use of sensory deprivation tanks in floatation therapy. “These are not necessarily new technologies but they are gaining more notoriety and are very innovative ways to treat pain,” she said.

In her downtime, Amanda-Gay likes to create art as well as visit museums, galleries, and exhibitions in the Washington, D.C.area. She stays active through exercise and being outdoors with family and friends.


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